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Make your own Christmas happy

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

2020 is coming to an end and most of us have faced various challenges being it financial, physical or mental health issues, seeing too little of our extended family members or indeed too much of some of them... Home schooling has been a challenge in itself and we are resorting to any form of screen time for the kids, just to get some time out!

However, I decided to take a day off from all the staging work, as it is both important and rewarding to spend some time together with our offspring and what better way to do that than to be creative together and make some Christmas decorations?

After all the loo roll hoarding this year, most people will have a surplus of this at home!

Here are some tips of very simple, yet fun and stylish decorations inspired by the very talented Frida Ramstedt, who is the creative mind behind the largest interior blog in the Nordic countries, 'Trendenser'.

Paper stars:

- scissors

- Appr 5 toilet rolls for a star

- glue gun


Squeeze the toilet rolls and cut about 6 pcs/ roll.

Cut open one piece and roll it as the centre of the star and fasten with glue

Shape the remaining pieces into almond shapes

Start glueing them around the centre

Cut open pieces to go above the almond shapes

Lastly form smaller almond shapes and glue into the gaps

Fasten a string, et voila!

I thought it suitable to hang it in the guest cloakroom!

We also decided to dress our tree with homemade decorations this year

Dried oranges:

- 8-10 dried oranges - these can be bought online or dried in the oven (how to make your own oranges, follow:

- metal wire

Paper Angels:

- scissors

- 1 toilet roll per angel

-glue gun

- string

Enjoy making these decorations and feel good about being environmentally conscious at the same time!

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

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