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Interior trends for 2021 - inspiration to create the home you want

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

As we have all spent considerably more time at home the past year, our home environment has become more important to us than ever. This is reflecting in the interior trends for 2021which focuses on creating harmonious home environments equally functional in providing us with comfort and safety, an oasis for relaxation as well as a space to gather energy and use as our workplace.

Let's look at some of the main trends for the year to come that I have picked up from following several trend blogs globally:

1. Sustainable, durable & functional

2. Muted blues

3. Graphic lines

4. Focus on a statement piece

5. Soft greens, greys & darker accent colours

6. Mirrors

7. Textured materials & tactile surfaces

8. Bring Nature inside

Sustainable, Durable and Functional

Muted Blues

Linen fabrics from Designer's Guild

Graphic Lines

You can find many graphic wall art designs as seen here from Posterclub and Svanefors has this amazing rug 'Mesha' in their collection.

Focus on a Statement piece

Soft Greens, Greys & darker accent colours


Floor mirror from Menu

Textured materials and tactile surfaces

The lounge chair 'Gubi' from Gubi , Linen cushions from Designer's Guild

Bring Nature inside

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