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Drawing Global Inspiration in the World of Home Staging

Thanks to the Internet, today’s property owners and home stagers have a world of choice when it comes to interior aesthetics. By drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and using universal design principles, we can create compelling spaces that resonate with buyers worldwide as well as introducing international influences to local communities. Additionally, less focus on cookie-cutter designs and more on telling a unique story can evoke a feeling of personal connection and leave prospective buyers with a lasting impression of the property. The key is in the selection and combination of the eclectic elements so the end result is one of polished curation rather than an incompatible mess.

Growing up in Sweden, working for over 20 years in Southeast Asia and subsequently moving to the Dorset countryside have given me a love of global influences in my Home Staging style.


This living room that we styled for a client has influences from nine countries and three continents.

African Emotion

From Moroccan intricacy to South African vibrancy, African interiors celebrate a heritage of handcrafted artifacts and a harmonious fusion of textures. Think earthy tones, tribal motifs and organic materials. These pair well with both period interiors and modern, minimal styles.

Asian Tranquillity

Asian design encompasses everything from Japanese Zen minimalism and Chinese Feng Shui principles to traditional Indonesian craftmanship and opulent Indian aesthetics. I find bathrooms with an Asian influence (where indoors and out are connected), particularly soothing, as evidenced in a study by Science Direct, which reports that inviting “sanitary facilities” can reduce depression by up to 80%.

Mediterranean Abundance

Colourful tiles, patterns in overdrive and rustic, yet elegant furniture against a backdrop of light, textured walls define spaces suffused with Old World charm. Incorporate some of these elements into an al-fresco dining experience to conjure up a staycation vibe.

Scandi Serenity

The Scandinavian approach to home staging is characterised by an emphasis on simplicity, natural elements and, most importantly, functionality - even down to decorative accessories! Interiors feature airy spaces, organic materials such as wood and stone, and an abundance of natural light. This aesthetic resonates with buyers seeking a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature and is often teamed with Asian influences. Japandi, for example, is a complementary blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements, producing spaces that are rooted in beauty and function.

Style Clash 

Mixing pieces from different eras, cultures and styles offers something for everyone and is a cornerstone of global style. Play with the patterns and textures of soft furnishings and 3-D artwork to create depth. Why not pair a Corbusier chaise with an antique Chinese wedding cabinet and a French gold-leaf mirror, for example?

This living room photographed by Elisabeth Aarhus for the Swedish magasine Hus&Hem is a great example of Style clash


Whether in the UK, Scandinavia or Asia, adopting global styles can create unique and memorable experiences that maximise the individual potential of every property.


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