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Designing from a distance

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

How remote staging services have saved homes during the pandemic and beyond!

For years interior design and home staging services have been traditionally seen as a luxurious in-person service. It is a common misconception that home staging services are unaffordable to the average property seller, and with the advancements in technology and home staging software, clients from around the world can access vital home staging services with ease via their computer.

Since COVID19 has restricted travel and many working practices, e-staging has become a much more recognised and popular service.

What is remote staging?

Remote staging, also referred to as e-staging, virtual staging and online interior design, is the process whereby properties are staged for sale remotely using video conference software, photos of your property and design software.

There are differing ways of providing remote staging services; from digitally altering property photographs to showcase potential interior possibilities; to offering consultation and design schemes that can then be implemented in the property. Staging software can be used to present 3D visualisations to the client, or to edit actual photos of your property and fill it in with realistic furniture and décor. These edited photos can then be used for marketing.

Remote staging can take place on all types of properties; from those that are occupied to empty properties needing help bringing them back to life for sale.

What does remote staging include?

Depending on the property, location and reason for needing home staging, the remote staging service offered can include edited promotional photographs, layout plans and more.

At StyledSpaces our remote staging projects typically include everything from design schemes, layout plans and 3D visualisations; to staging guides, installation and physical staging.

You can find out more about our remote staging packages here:


How can e-staging help sell properties?

It has long been realised that home staging services significantly improve a property’s success on the market. Home staging services often see an increase in property value, as well as quicker and more efficient sales. Investing in home staging shows potential buyers that you care about the sale, price and property; deterring prospective buyers from trying to negotiate lower offers whilst showcasing exactly what is possible.

For many potential buyers, online marketing is the first impression a person will get of your property. This makes marketing more important than ever. Property staging and photography go hand-in-hand when selling a property; and e-staging has seen a significant breakthrough in how properties can be staged and marketed. There will be an increase in those interested in viewing your property if your photos, visuals and graphics showcase its true potential. E-staging provides a cost-effective and convenient way of doing this.

Key benefits of e-staging

So why might someone choose e-staging over traditional home staging services? And does e-staging help your property sale?

1) Inspires potential buyers

It can often be hard for potential buyers to imagine what is possible in a new property. E-staging stimulated a person’s imagination and brings your property to life. By either staging rooms following e-staging consultation and guidance, or by providing edited photos for consideration, your virtual design can transform a property from uncreative to a buyers dream home.

2) Declutter

E-staging services can help with clutter issues in many ways. Either you can gain guidance via your consultation and report, and practically declutter your property supported by your experience home stager at StyledSpaces. Alternatively we can take images of your property and virtually declutter them; showcasing the potential visually and without the need to physically declutter. Using e-staging software we have the power to demonstrate how your rooms will look tidied and redesigned at the click of a button. For one particular e-staging decluttering project that we completed at StyledSpaces, the property was under offer and sold within a week of going on the market.

3) Ease and affordability of design

There may be minor issues with your property that just need a little virtual magic. From neatening skirting boards, to freshening up paint schemes and furniture, e-staging 3D visualisations enable us to show you your rooms home-staged without anyone even entering your property! This can also save you money on making small, but often significant, changes for marketing purposes.

4) Cost effective

When considering the costs of home staging your property, it may be that you cannot afford traditional in-person services. This would make e-staging services a cost-effective approach to still ensuring your property is showcased at its best. If not using the consultation to physically stage your property, you can also save money on design and furniture; without needing a strict budget for purchases. We can showcase the most expensive furniture virtually in your 3D visualisations without you needing to purchase a single thing!

5) Multiple designs for multiple potential buyers

You may have a singular target market in mind for your property; or there may be multiple potential markets. This is where virtual staging services are a real benefit for marketing purposes. With e-design software, we can stage your spaces in multiple different ways to target different markets. A 3-bedroom house might appeal to both a landlord looking to let to students, or a family. With e-staging services, we can provide 3D visualisations that showcase differing designs that specifically target each market. Your Estate Agent can then use these as marketing materials and showcase them to differing viewers.

Examples of virtual staging

At StyledSpaces we have loved helping clients to achieve amazing staging results via our e-staging services. One recent project was for a client who had a lovely apartment in Hong Kong. The apartment just needed a face lift in the living room.

“Linda was a fantastic help in giving our living room and bedroom a facelift.

She has a great eye and can work within a budget too.”

Catherine - Residential home styling Hong Kong via e-design.

The client was very happy with the results. We used new accessories and interior details in fresh colours to make her space look bright and gorgeous. The design schemes and all purchases were done remotely from the UK.

You can see more of our projects here.

If you would like to discuss more about our e-staging services, or any of the home staging and interior design services offered by StyledSpaces please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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