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Holiday home styling & Photo shoot

66 Rear Courtyard E.jpg
64 Rear Courtyard C.jpg

oxford mews

This 5- bed end of a terrace house located just minutes away from the pedestrianised restaurant area in the heart of Southampton, had been renovated to a high spec ready to be marketed for holiday rentals. We purchased and added accessories and fully styled the property throughout for the marketing photographs. The project was a collaboration with Photochromatics.

08 Front External H.jpg
30 First Floor Bedroom B.jpg
16 Ground Floor Bedroom B.jpg
37 First Floor Lounge A.jpg
19 Kitchen-Diner A.jpg
26 Kitchen-Diner H.jpg
25 Kitchen-Diner G.jpg
54 Second Floor Bedroom Two D.jpg
32 First Floor Bedroom D.jpg
57 Second Floor Bedroom Three C.jpg
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