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Are you looking for a calmer space?
 decluttering & organising

We believe that clarity to think and concentrate comes from calm surroundings.

Are you struggling to find a clear space in your house to relax, socialise or to work at? Are the lovely things that you have collected over the years starting to overwhelm you but you can't let go of them? 
When your home becomes overwhelming because you can't find things, it is time to declutter.

the decluttering process
I will come to your home and we will together at a slow and steady pace sort through the areas you feel need organising. I will only give suggestions and advise, but it is up to you what you would like to keep and let go of 
and there is never any pressure.
We will together set up an organised structure and I will give you tools to help you keep your new, calm and organised space just the way you want it.
 I will organise for any unwanted items to be either sent to charity or disposed of as agreed.
Cost : £175/half day or £320/full day
For bigger decluttering projects, we utilise local, fully certified declutter specialists

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